4 Summer to Fall Outfits☀️👻

Transitioning from the heat of the summer to the cool of the fall can be a drag. Sometimes you're dressed expecting it to stay 80 and then the temperature drops and vice versa. So I put together 4 transitional summers to fall outfits. I hope they inspire you to find ways to survive the transition too!

A simple T-Shirt dress is always a go-to. You can layer it if it's extra chilly or leave it as is if it's still hot. Can be put with sneakers, boots, or sandals for whatever kind of day you're having!

One of my fav recent outfits. White button-down, Black tank, Black biker shorts, white tube socks, and Dr. Martens.

To me, this is a perfect Summer to Fall transition outfit for those 60,70 degree days.

Another for those in-between days. Loose top, jeans, and sandals. I had my hair in twisted pigtails and I was set.

Jeans and a tee are essential year-round, especially Sept/Oct. My go-to is looser, ripped jeans so that I'm not overheating if the temp has some lingering summer in it.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for what to wear when you don't know what to expect in the in-between of Summer to Fall! Cheers to Spooky Season coming! I can't wait!


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