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A Unique Gift Guide!

The Holidays are fassssst approaching (yay!) and if you haven't already started your Christmas shopping then you're probably gearing up to soon. So, I thought I would help out a bit by sharing a fun Gift Guide! I personally love Gift Guides, especially for hard-to-buy-for people (like guys)!

I have some themed gift guides (Disney Lovers, Guys, Parents, etc.) coming soon! Make sure to subscribe to the blog and follow me on Insta (@blangston27) to stay in the loop!

I hope the gifts below help you with your holiday shopping!

Comment below any gift suggestions you have!


I bought this Bible for myself a year ago and I absolutely love it. I love the margins on the side so I can journal as I read. I love how beautiful it is, the gold edges of the pages, and the calligraphy of verses that are scattered throughout.

I think this is a great gift for any Christian, especially a creative or artist. It brings a beautiful experience to daily Bible reading.

Fun Oven Mitt! $14.99

This is a gift for this Christmas for someone in my life (don't want to be specific in case you're reading this and the gift is for you 😘) I saw this and thought it was so cute and fun! I love funny items like this, I think they make cooking fun (coming from someone who hates cooking) and it's practical! I think giving gifts that people will actually use is always good!

Press-On Nails! $13.00+

I started using Red Aspen press on nails in the last couple of months and I'm OBSESSED. Like, I may never go back to a nail salon 😱 The price of getting my nails done in a salon is the equivalent to 3-4 packs of nails that last me up to two weeks!

They're super easy to put on and take off, they don't damage your nail, and they come in so many great colors and designs! This is a great gift, especially with COVID around for anyone not wanting to go somewhere to get their nails done. Also a great gift for young girls.

Passion Planner! $35.00

I've been using a Passion Planner for years now and I've had a couple of different brands of planners in between but nothing beats the Passion Planner. It's designed to help you narrow in on your passion (hence the name) and set realistic goals to achieve your life dreams.

For anyone who loves stickers and pretty planers, you can make these Passion Planners look just as cute as Happy Planners or any other. It's such a great gift for anyone, but especially any college-aged people you know.

Victorian Sticker Book $17.99

I picked this book up a couple of weeks ago and have been using it in my Passion Planner 😂

The stickers are all Victorian era themed and they're beautiful and uniquely designed. I think this is a fun gift for any planners, sticker lovers, or appreciators of weirdly beautiful art.

Cirque! $8.99 +

I won't spend too long on this one since you can find out about it in other posts of mine (I wrote this book for anyone who's new around here 😁) This is a great gift for any teen or young adult readers who like fantasy novels!

It's fun, deep, and filled with hope and words of wisdom!

Friend Photo Holder! $ Various

Lastly, I found this fun photo holder in Francesca's (I included a link to their site and a link to Amazon). This is a great gift for a friend family member. I am planning to include a printed picture with it when I gift it.

Not many people have printed pictures anymore so I love giving them as gifts!


I hope this guide has helped with some ideas for gift giving! I have more coming so stay tuned for those! Comment below any ideas or suggestions you have or someone you're having trouble finding gifts for!

Happy Holidays!

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