Current Amazon Must-Haves!

1. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser | 6 for $4.94

I own A LOT of white sneakers and, although I've tried, I can't NOT get them dirty 🙈 That's where these come in! I've seen other methods of cleaning white sneakers but I haven't tried those yet. So far, these have worked great for me. I will say that for cloth material sneakers they aren't the best, but I don't own many pairs like that. These work great on my Adidas sneakers, Airforce 1's, etc.

2. White Shoelaces | 2 for $3.99

I know, I know, not the most exciting Amazon purchase. BUT! On the topic of clean sneakers, my shoelaces get just as dirty! It's amazing what new laces can do for the look of a sneaker. Plus, there's a ton of colors so when you're feeling adventurous you can add some personalization to your shoes! I bought blue laces for my all-white sneakers and will definitely be buying more colors.

3. Tank Bodysuit | $16.99

I needed a plain bodysuit for my summer wardrobe and this one did not disappoint. Great quality, not heavy but thankfully not see-through. I will say, I am 5'4 and the straps aren't as tight as I'd like, the suit is probably a perfect fit for someone a little taller. But, it's not so loose that it falls off.

It's still an everyday wear for me. Perfect for dressing up or dressing down and you don't have to wear a strapless bra with it if you don't want to, the straps are wide enough to hide a regular bra strap.

4. White T-Shirt | $7.00

Another closet staple I needed was a good-quality white t-shirt. There's nothing worse than a bad quality white shirt in the sweaty summer - if you know you know.

This Hanes shirt is only $7 and holds up amazing. I'm going to be ordering a couple more. It's a great fit, not too tight but not baggy either. I'm a DD but and I ordered my usual size M and I don't feel suffocated by it. I'll probably order a size up for a baggier option as well.

5. Blue Light Glasses | 2 for $15.98

If you've been around then you most likely know what these glasses are. They are designed to protect your eyes from the harsh light of screens that we stare at 24/7 (personally I'm trying to cut down that time, as we all should!)

I've tried a few pairs and they were all uncomfortable but this pair I LOVE! They are lightweight but durable (I'm a clumsy person 🤪) If you are in front of a screen day after day then I highly recommend these.

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