Easy vs Exciting

You've probably heard of the concept of Risk and Reward. "The risk-reward relationship is based on the concept that the higher the risk of loss of principal for an investment, the greater the potential reward of an increase in the principal or higher yield on the principal."

The BIGGER the risk, the bigger the possible reward. The more chances you're willing to take, the more opportunities you're exposing yourself to.

When I walk into a crowded room I always have a mental battle. Do I find a corner and watch people interact with each other? Do I wait for someone to come and approach me? OR do I go and say hi to people? Do I put myself out there and try to make an impression?

I have a tendency, like many people, to think that I would be bothering someone by introducing myself to them and talking to them. I think it's a symptom of people-pleasing, we never want to impose. If someone wants to talk to us, then they'll come over and talk to us. Otherwise, we don't want to be a bother to them.

But if we live by that twisted, self-deprecating logic, then we miss out on opportunities and relationships. Who knows if the person you're debating on introducing yourself to could be the person that changes your life. What if they help jumpstart your career? What if they're the one? What if they have words that could make a huge impact on your life? OR what if you could change THEIR life?

What if it's not about you at all? What if it's about them?

My mom is the epitome of boldness. She knows who she is, what she wants, and what she believes and nobody can stop her (she does all of this gracefully of course.) She is always telling me to be bold. To make connections, to put myself out there. She's the type of person that walks into a crowded room and people know she's there. She's not afraid and when I'm in situations I think, Just be like mom.

Taking a risk could change everything. What are you more afraid of? The risk or change? Are you afraid of being rejected? Are you afraid of failing publicly? Write down what it is that makes your palms sweat and your heart race.

Once we realize what the core fear is, we can deal with it and be that much closer to being comfortable taking risks.

We have to CHOOSE between Easy and Exciting. We have to decide what we want our lives to look like. Are we willing to take risks? Do we think the possible rewards are really worth it?

Are we willing to risk our reputation? Risk how others view us. Risk looking crazy, foolish, or like a failure?

Without risk, there are no possibilities. Are you wanting to live your life without possibility? Are you willing to stay exactly where you are for the rest of your days? We can't move without risking something.

Every time you leave the house you take a risk. Every time you introduce yourself to someone you take a risk.

I feel like every time I make a post or a video I'm taking a risk, but the idea of not taking any at all scares me more than the chance of something bad coming from it.

I decided a long time ago that I wanted Exciting instead of Easy. I decided as a teenager to let exciting win every time. Because at the end of it all, when we're laid to rest, I don't want to think about all the could'ves and should'ves. I want to leave a legacy of boldness, not one of fear.

Challenge yourself. Once a week, take a risk somehow. Maybe financially, maybe relationally. Post something on social media. Write a song or a poem. Introduce yourself to someone. Ask for the raise. Confront negativity.

Challenge yourself to choose EXCITING instead of EASY.

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