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Give Others the Courage to Speak

One of the most common fears is speaking in front of others. So many people keep their voices locked inside for their entire life. I had a friend who, as a child, her family barely spoke. She would watch TV all day long, not hardly communicating at all. There were no questions about her day or dreams or feelings. So, as an adult, she's having to learn how to be comfortable with her own voice and believe that she has things worth saying.

When we don't feel like we have anything to offer, why would we speak out? If you feel like that, like your voice and your words are pointless, you're not the only one. BUT, you could start a chain reaction with those you do life with if you decide to have the courage to speak.

When we use our voice, when we help others, when we live life BOLDLY, we give way for other people who are watching us to do the same! Whether you realize it or not, someone IS watching you. Maybe a family member, a child, a significant other, a follower on social media - but someone is. When you take the risk and speak out, you've shown that it’s possible. And if it’s possible for YOU then it’s possible for others!⁠

What if someone was waiting on YOU? What if there was someone out there who had ideas and passions and calling bursting inside of them, but it wasn’t until they saw you take a step into BOLDNESS that they felt like they could too?⁠ Wouldn't you want to take the first step? For your future and for theirs?

So, how do you start to speak out? Maybe you've never thought there was value in your voice or maybe you feel like you were born to make your voice heard - or maybe you're somewhere in between. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Start Journaling. You need to value your own voice before expecting others to. Write your thoughts on life, world issues, etc. Write your feelings, get to know yourself better.

  2. Discover Passion. Our voices are the most effective when we're speaking about things we're passionate about! I firmly believe that there is a passion inside every single person, we just have to find it. You can check out my blog post on passion HERE.

  3. Get Around Others. Find like-minded people who are using their voices to make a positive impact as well! Learn from them, be inspired by their courage, and inspire them with yours!

  4. Find an Outlet. This one could take time but find somewhere to use your voice. A job, an organization, social media, music, etc! The world needs what you have to say!

I hope this post has encouraged you to find your voice, trust that it has value, and use it to make a positive impact on our world and communities!

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