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Insecurity Ruins Everything!

🙈 Insecurity ruins EVERYTHING! When we're not secure in who we are or what we bring to the world, we live on the defense. We live always ready to argue our worth to people which causes us to push people away or give off a vibe that just screams "insecure!"

How do we get that way? Where do insecurity and confidence even come from? More often than not, our insecurity/confidence is born from our childhood and how we were raised. If your parents were encouragers and life-givers emotionally and verbally, then you have most likely morphed into a pretty secure adult.

If you were raised in the opposite type of environment, then you probably battle insecurity intensely.

Insecurity can also come from negative relationships, traumatic events, illness, social media and entertainment, social standards, etc.

When we think about all these things, we see that outside influences determined how we feel on the inside. They set the course of how we would think about ourselves. So, in order to fight insecurity, we have to make an inside decision to stop believing the negative things, the lies, from other people and choose truth.

We have to CHOOSE to not let how we were raised or the people or circumstances around us decide how we see ourselves. We have to find the gold inside of ourselves and learn how to appreciate it. It can be so easy to see gold in people around us, but it's hard to see it within ourselves. But there is gold and it is possible to see it.

BUT, when we're secure that's when we're able to have healthy relationships, a healthy view of self, and a healthy mindset for whatever life throws at us.⁠

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