5 teenagers die and wake up in a circus tent.

After unfortunate deaths, they find themselves in a circus tent with an eccentric and loving ringleader - R.L. During their time at Cirque they are marked with a tattoo symbolizing the very circus act they were born to master. Lion Tamer, Contortionist, Tightrope Walker, Fire Breather, and Trapeze Artist.

It is an unforgettable journey with Drew, Lilly, Jordan, Zoe, Michael, R.L, and the family of

Cirque Des Élus — Circus of the Chosen.

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What would YOU do if…

Everyone around you disappeared and suddenly you were in a circus?

A beam of moonlight tattooed your arm with a circus act you are meant to master?

You and four strangers were brought together to defeat The Shadows?


Jaiden, Stella, Adam, Eli, and Laura had no idea either. One minute Jaiden was worried about a date, Stella was babysitting, Eli was running away from Adam, Laura was sneaking out – and the next, they were meeting R.L., the ringleader of Cirque.


With the guidance of R.L. and their trainers, they become a human cannonball, acrobats, an equestrian, a clown, and most importantly – Shadow Chasers.

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